Second only to how much we love our customers is our commitment to our affiliates. We bend over backwards to help our affiliates promote, persuade and profit! City Jet works on a trip by trip basis, arranging the aircraft that best suits the client's needs of transportation, factoring in the number of passengers, distance, comfort, and all other additional requests. Client acquisition is achieved through different channels, but the most successful is creating a network of team members who bring in clients, this is where YOU come in!!

City Jet Affiliate Program

Why become a City Jet Affiliate?

Today’s private jet customer is driven by the time-saving and convenience of private air travel which, while more expensive than airline travel, is not the solely reserved for the A-list celebrities. The critical mass of private jet users are successful high net-worth business owners, families or groups happy to pay a premium for a better travel experience. And with the entry-level end of the private jet market becoming increasingly competitive, this is likely to become even more apparent in 2019.

You can earn $1,000’s per flight or sell the JetSmart program by introducing high net worth clients or businesses to the world of private jet charter at super competitive prices!

Affiliate commission fees range from several hundred to $1,000’s for every flight booked, and you will continue to earn recurring commission for the lifetime of any clients you bring to the table. In addition to booked flights, our affiliates are compensated on high net worth individuals or corporations looking to buy, sell, or lease a Jet.